Iconic Brazilian television personality Maria das Graças Meneghel, better known as Xuxa, blasted pop star Justin Bieber for his behavior during a concert tour of the South American nation.

"I couldn't stand all that lack of good manners," she said on her Facebook page.

Xuxa, known for the popular children's programs she hosted for decades, referred to Bieber in a message she said she had written not as TV personality but as "any Maria who welcomes to her country an arrogant boy whom I'm just going to call B."

The Canadian singer, who performed early this month in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, sparked several controversies during his visit to the country.

Someone alleged to be the star was photographed leaving a high-end bordello in Rio in the company of several friends, although Bieber cannot be definitively identified in the published images and the person in question appears just as a figure underneath a sheet being escorted by security agents.

Bieber was also expelled from his hotel for causing damage and ended his show in Sao Paulo early after a person threw a plastic bottle that hit him in the hand.

On the morning of Nov. 4, he was surprised while painting graffiti on the wall of an abandoned Rio hotel, became involved in an incident with photographers who were following him and was threatened by police with criminal charges.

"How is it that a spoiled child comes to our country; ignores people who spent days waiting to see him and hear him ... to show affection and love for this B and receive in return a glob of spit, rude gestures and ugly faces?" Xuxa asked rhetorically. EFE