With nearly 35 million in worldwide sales, the Mexican band Mana is currently in Miami working on what they say will be a "positive, upbeat" album.

It will be "danceable" and have "all the enthusiasm of rock and roll," the band's vocalist, Fernando "Fher" Olvera, told Efe.

At the same time, the frontman added, the new disc will include the kind of "melancholy" ballads they're known for.

"Mana always throws all the meat on the grill, always. You know we're not a band that brings out one disc a year. We're a little slow, but we like it that way," Fher said.

The band's last album with new material was 2011's "Drama y Luz."

Bassist Juan Calleros and guitarist Sergio Vallin believe that all the energy they stored up during those months of rest and relaxation following their 2012 tour has them raring to go on the road again.

"We're really excited to have a new tour coming up. We miss playing," Vallin said.

With regard to the upcoming launch of a documentary series about Mana and the process of recording the new disc, drummer Alex Gonzalez said the project will provide a peek at their spontaneous conversations and reveal "the good times and bad times" the band goes through.

"There are a lot of stories we never told the media," Gonzalez said, and invited fans to take part in a contest to win a day at the recording studio. EFE