Some 800,000 people visited the 13th annual International Book Fair in the Mexican capital and enjoyed the activities organized by publishing houses in which some 200 writers took part, the capital's government said Saturday.

The Federal District Culture Secretariat said in a press release that the International Book Fair came to a "successful" close after 10 days of cultural events.

"The balance of the fair was very positive, the number of visitors we had was pretty high," the fair's coordinator Carolina Peña Brunet said in the note.

For 10 days the fair offered more than 800,000 people the literary works, discussions, talks and presentations of 208 writers, both local and international.

It also had the participation of 210 publishing houses, while more than a thousand books were signed by authors invited to the event.

Some 205 activities were offered in all, including book presentations, talks, literary circles, storytelling sessions, recitations and workshops. EFE