The mystery of the place and identity of the five fans whose picture was taken by then-Beatle Ringo Starr in the United States in 1964 has finally been solved: the photo was shot in New York and not in Miami as the musician thought.

The drummer of the Fab Four has been looking for the five teenagers who appear in a black-and-white photo he took at the time and that has been published in the book "Photograph," a limited edition of photos taken by Ringo, 72, throughout his lifetime and which was presented this week in Hollywood.

Starr wanted to meet the five fans whose picture he thought he took in Miami in 1964 and who, then teenagers, are seen driving a convertible down the highway behind the band.

A Boston attorney, Kenneth Kolpan, was the first to identify to The Miami Herald the identity of the boys and girls who appear in the photo. They were some of his high school classmates.

The attorney sent an e-mail to the Herald telling the story behind the photo and about how and where the teens got so close to the Beatles.

"The kids cut classes at Fair Lawn HS and went to LaGuardia Airport to meet the Beatles," Kolpan said, adding that "on the way from LaGuardia they saw four limos and thought it was a funeral, but each limo carried a Beatle."

It must have been at that moment of recognition that Ringo snapped the picture of the teens, the Herald said.

The drummer and his All Starr Band go on tour in South America and Mexico in November. EFE