Spanish actor Antonio Banderas talked about the film concerning 33 trapped Chilean miners, in which he will star, in this capital, where he was on hand to present the perfume "Her Golden Secret" and engage in other activities.

At his first appointment in the Chilean capital, where he also will present a photo exhibit and participate in charitable events, Banderas said that he still does not know what the script will look like for the film about the 33 miners who in 2010 survived for 70 days buried 700 meters (2,300 feet) underground in a collapsed mine in northern Chile.

"Everything started quite a while ago, more than a year-and-a-half, but so far, right now, despite having a commitment with the producers of the film I still have not received the final script," the actor said.

"They're continuing to work on it, cleaning it up, having conversations with those people who experienced this event," Banderas added.

Also, he said, he wants to meet with the miner he will portray in the film, Mario Sepulveda, who acted as the liaison and joke-teller in the contacts the miners had with the surface after authorities preparing the rescue effort were finally able to send a small camera down into the mine.

"Whenever you play a person who existed, along with the acting work there's a sense of responsibility, because it's a living character," Banderas said. EFE