La Toya Jackson said in an interview with Efe that she has "never" seen a heart "as pure" as that of her late brother Michael, whom she remembers for "his smile" when he was having fun, something that is not known by the general public.

"If you knew his heart, you'd notice that he was very different from most people. We always said he was very special," the 57-year-old singer, who traveled to Spain to participate in a television program, said.

The singer said she likes to look back on her career and think about the large number of projects and successes she has had.

Her career began when she was very young and "it wasn't work and was just fun," Jackson said.

"This is unbelievable, but it's also important to focus your life on the future in all that you do. Now is my beginning," the singer, who says she is fascinated by bullfights, said, adding that she hopes to have "the chance to see one."

Her stop in Madrid is allowing the artist to take a break from the frenetic life she usually lives and visit a country she loves for the history preserved in its streets and buildings, as well as for the energy displayed by its people.

"I love the buildings, the architecture, because the United States is very young and we don't have so much history. Here, you see the history in the streets and in the squares, which are lovely," Jackson said.

The singer, who numbers "I don't play that" and "Just Wanna Dance" among her successes, is now in the final stages of preparing her next album, for which she was inspired by the stories she's encountered in her life. EFE