An Egyptian-German team working at the site of the Goddess Bastet temple found a statue of Ramses II that dates from the 19th dynasty (1295-1186 B.C.), Egypt's government said Thursday.

Made of red granite, the statue stands 1.95 meters (6 feet, 2 inches) tall, Minister of State for Antiquities Mohamed Ibrahim said in a statement.

The piece was found during excavations in and around the Goddess Bastet temple, roughly 85 kilometers (53) miles northeast of Cairo.

"The importance of this discovery is that it could lead to discovering a whole temple," Ibrahim said.

He noted that the Bastet temple sits on Bubastis hill, where archaeologists have found artifacts going back to the 2630-2500 B.C. reign of the fourth dynasty.

An inscription on the back of the Ramses II statue indicates the work was made as a gift to the goddess.

The team also uncovered a smaller piece depicting a unidentified senior official of the 19th dynasty. EFE