Colombian actress Sofia Vergara, who plays Gloria, the sexy, curvy, scandalous Latina in the ABC series "Modern Family," defended the popular character against those who slam her as a stereotype.

"Whoever said that all Latin women are the same? It's impossible to caricature millions of women from 20 countries. There are many kinds of Latinas, just like there are many types and styles of women all over the world," the actress told Efe in an interview.

Vergara accepted that a Latina stereotype does exist, but said it "goes more toward seeing us as all about our families, hard working, standing up for ourselves, ultraprotective of our kids, and that we do ourselves up more than others, because a lot of us wear perfume even to take the kids to school in the morning," she laughed.

The actress added that she sees all these characteristics as virtues and that, in the case of her character in particular, Gloria is a fusion of women that she knows, loves and respects.

"Gloria has a lot of my mom and my aunts in her, especially the funniest and most temperamental of them. I love my character, it makes me proud to play her as a symbol of many Latin women, but not all of them," she said.

"However, I have a lot of friends and fans who are white, Jews, African-Americans, Europeans, Australians and of all ages and colors whose relatives tell them they are identical to Gloria," said the actress, whose upcoming action film, "Machete Kills," will premiere Oct. 11. 

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