Spanish crooner Julio Iglesias is celebrating his 70th birthday on Monday as he continues a career that has made him the Latin artist with the most discs sold and who is China's favorite.

"No one gets old when the soul isn't old...I'm not old, the time and the years I have lived are older than me," the singer said in a recent interview with Efe.

Iglesias continues to be the renowned singer who knows no borders and whose music is heard across the five continents thanks to the courteous, gallant style that sets him apart.

He has released more than 80 discs, of which he has sold more than 300 million copies - his songs brimming with romance, his hand on his chest as he sings, and his perfect smile seem to constitute a universal language.

Numbers like "La Vida Sigue Igual," "Bamboleo" and "Soy un Truhan, Soy un Señor" are played in countries as different from one other as Germany, Japan and the Philippines. His international tours have in fact become a kind of circumnavigation of the globe.

His latest tour, which has served to celebrate his 70th year, took him to Jordan, Latvia and India, among other countries.

"To the public I owe my family, my life, my position, my circumstances, everything in my life comes from the success my fans have given me," Iglesias, the father of eight, said.

Iglesias took up music after a traffic accident forced him to give up his sports career as goalkeeper for Real Madrid.

No longer able to play professional soccer, Iglesias spent his months of recovery strumming a guitar and beginning to write songs - without ever imagining that one day his music would be acclaimed the world over. EFE