Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid has a little for everyone, providing a venue for designers, especially young ones with an eye on the foreign market, to showcase influences, colors and tendencies for the next season.

The fashion event, like a patchwork garment, is giving visitors an opportunity to view creations for the upcoming spring-summer season, with some designers betting that ready-to-wear lines will carry the day, while others stick to haute couture creations for special occasions.

Maya Hansen is one of the designers betting on exotic creations dominated by vibrant colors and geometric shapes.

Her "Pangea" collection, she said, uses "more rigid" materials to "give shape to the body."

"We sell more in the Arab countries and Latin America than in Spain," the designer told Efe.

Veteran designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, stayed true to multicolored themes, producing creations with more of a 1980s look than ever.

Young Spanish designer Daniel Rabaneda, meanwhile, introduced his "Marte" (Mars) collection featuring relaxed dresses with a minimalist look.

For his part, designer Roberto Etxeberria's "Gernika" collection for men took a traditional approach inspired by classic English tailors and the Spanish countryside.

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