U.S. punk rock band The Offspring exceeded organizers' expectations at Brazil's Rock in Rio music festival on the weekend, giving an adrenaline-charged concert in which they reprised all their big 1990s hits.

The Offspring played for a little over an hour on Saturday on the Sunset Stage, the festival's second venue, a decision by the festival organization that surprised the group's fans, who packed into the relatively small site to hear the band's dynamic sound.

The concert kicked off with "All I want," which got the thousands of concertgoers jumping with the California group's powerful energy.

The band also got the crowd singing along to "Why don't you get a job?" and "Can't get my head around you," as well as their hits "Pretty fly (for a white guy)" and "The kids aren't alright," with which they closed out the show.

The fans on hand exceeded the capacity of the zone in front of the Sunset Stage, and many people found themselves packed very tightly into the venue while others had to stay somewhat to the side where the loudspeakers did not reach well.

One batch of fans asked, unsuccessfully, for the volume to be turned up but - despite the various difficulties - the concert was one of the most exciting so far during Rock in Rio's first two days.

Rock in Rio began here on Friday and will run for seven days between this weekend and next. EFE