An exhibition in Warsaw seeks to show visitors the different faces of Frederic Chopin via photographs and paintings inspired by the Polish classical composer, whose image has evolved over time, becoming more abstract and symbolic.

More than 170 portraits of the composer are on display at the Frederic Chopin Museum in the Polish capital's Ostrogski Palace.

The majority of the works on display of Chopin (1810-1849), considered a national hero in Poland, were done after his death.

The exhibition features oil paintings, drawings, lithographs and sculptures portraying the pianist and composer, with most of the works done after his compositions had become part of Europe's musical legacy.

Posters, stamps, postcards and other items featuring the composer's likeness are also included in the exhibition, showing how his image evolved as different artistic currents emerged after the mid-19th century.

The exhibition runs until February. EFE