Actress Eva Longoria and businessman Ernesto Arguello decided to call off their romance just four months after they started dating, People magazine said Friday.

According to the celeb publication, the split was due to the incompatibly busy work schedules of both including their constant travels.

Longoria lives in Los Angeles, where she is fully occupied with her own TV production company, while the Honduran entrepreneur and philanthropist lives in Miami and makes numerous trips to Central America.

But the magazine, citing a source close to the couple, says "they remain very good friends and adore each other through it all."

Just a few weeks ago they were seen together on vacation in Spain, after which they decided to go their separate ways.

Longoria, 38, and Arguello, 34, met in 2012 when he was chosen as one of the eligible bachelors looking for a mate on the TV matchmaking program "Ready For Love," produced by the former star of "Desperate Housewives" herself.

The actress was honored last week with the Community Service Award of the Hispanic Heritage Foundation. EFE