Spanish designer Custo Dalmau's "La Bella y la Bestia" (Beauty and the Beast) Fall/Winter collection was enthusiastically received at Colombia's Ixel Moda fashion show in this Caribbean city.

"It's a mix of man and woman. It's in some way a representation of our universe," Dalmau, whose Custo Barcelona brand has more than 3,000 points of sale in 40 countries in Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia, told Efe in reference to Thursday's presentation.

The Spanish designer said all that was "glamorous, feminine and sensual about the collection" made up its Beauty component, while the Beast "comes in because we worked with a lot of materials that were imitation animals skins, all synthetic materials."

Dalmau said the winter portion of his collection was a preview of the designs he will present on Sept. 8 at New York Fashion Week.

The designer made extensive use of colors, saying they "form part of our identity," while in terms of materials "very creative work was done using manual looms."

In the Beauty section of the presentation, colors such as gold, fuchsia, aquamarine, garnet, lead gray, navy blue and khaki predominated, while in the Beast portion the tones were beige, different shades of gray, khaki, brown, fuchsia, copper, burnt orange and green.

Custo Barcelona's presentation wrapped up the runway shows at this year's Ixel Moda, in which Colombian designer Paola Cavalli and young designers from universities in the Andean nation also participated. EFE