Classic and subtle creations are included along with more contemporary and irreverent designs in the first great retrospective on Argentine fashion, an exhibition that features Gino Bogani as its star.

The exhibition, titled "De Bogani al diseño de autor, imagenes de la moda argentina," examines the career of the famous designer via his creations and profiles new generations of Argentine designers.

Nearly 100 dresses, as well as a selection of shoes and accessories created by Argentina's most talented designers, are on display.

"This is a retrospective of dresses from the 1970s to now, but there are some from all periods. It's a small sampling because all the ones I've done cannot be obtained since I sell the original dresses, the ones that go out on the runway," Bogani told Efe.

Bogani opened his first boutique in Mar del Plata, a city located 400 kilometers (248 miles) south of Buenos Aires, in 1958.

The designer became the favorite stylist of celebrities like Mirtha Legrand, Graciela Borges and Susana Gimenez, among others.

The exhibition, which runs until Aug. 25, is being held at the Centro Cultural Recoleta in Buenos Aires. EFE