At age 56, he feels he's at the best moment of his career, he's setting off on a new phase of his "A Sonde Guerra" Tour and is working intensely on his new disc.

In an interview with Efe, Juan Luis Guerra dissected part of his musical life and his expectations for the future.

One thing he's excited about is the concert he will give next Oct. 16 at the Nokia Arena in Tel Aviv, and how the crowd there will react to the merengues that have won him so much international fame.

Come what may, he said that this is "perhaps the best moment of my career."

"One lives absorbing the new music, the new arrangements, the new masters and learning more every day," he said, adding that he focuses on "what is to come, not on what is past."

About his musical evolution over his 30-year career, he made it clear that musically "I always demand more of myself and of all my musicians."

Another subject he touched on in his conversation with Efe was the illegal downloading of music and how he hopes an agreement will be reached to "put laws in place that protect our music industry better."

"That's what all of us in the music industry want and what we hope can be achieved in the future," he said.

Juan Luis Guerra also noted that he is now fully immersed in working on his new disc, about which he is "very excited."

With regard to his tour, he revealed that performances have been scheduled in Colombia and Mexico.

His presentation in Israel will form part of the new phase of his ASondeGuerra Tour, which will also include a concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

The bachatas, merengues and ballads of the famed Dominican artist will also resound in France, Belgium, Holland and Germany. 

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