More than 200 Latino children from low-income homes will participate in a free summer camp in New York where they will take acting, voice, music and dance classes under the direction of Luis Salgado.

For five days, children from 7 to 17 will participate in the project sponsored by R.Evolucion Latina, which for six years has been organizing this camp to inspire the Latino community to discover its best potential through the performing arts.

"What we really want is for the children to find themselves, to click on their awareness as human beings and to begin to take note that they have value and the strength to achieve the things they want," Salgado, a choreographer and the founder of R.Evolucion Latina, told Efe.

Through having fun and art, Salgado wants to break the "I can't" or "Don't do that" barriers that, in his opinion, currently limit Latino communities.

"We want to push an internal revolution that says 'dare to go beyond,'" added the choreographer, who last year made a name for himself on Broadway by directing the musical "Amigo duende."

One of the futures that the program seeks to change is that of Abdel, a 15-year-old Puerto Rican who dreams of being a musician. To do that, R.Evolucion Latina has given him the chance to participate in this summer camp for the second year in a row.

"The best of all is learning about different cultures. Getting out of Puerto Rico and getting to know people from Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, the Dominican Republic," said Abdel, who admitted that the singing classes are his favorites.

Salgado's dream is for R.Evolucion Latina to fight so that "everyone has an equal chance" and so that Latino kids have the opportunity "to shine as human beings." EFE