One of the Brazilian "It-Girls" with the biggest international reputation at present, according to the fashion press and Web pages, is Helena Bordon.

The 27-year-old model, with the face and body of a princess, has a style that's in her very blood, given that she is the daughter of Donata Meirelles, for former director of the Daslu luxury store and current style chief for Vogue magazine.

The young woman appears on the cover of the current edition of Glamour magazine, which points to personality as the main determining factor for an "it-girl."

"What is it that makes a girl an 'it girl'? Charisma! The quality of enchanting people is the first thing on a list that includes personal style and, in some cases, physical attributes and marvelous clothing," the magazine said.

"An 'it-girl' since she was born, the 'socialite' and businesswoman Helenina Bordon turned heads with her wardrobe and her attitude and was surrounded several times by urban style photographers who squeezed in the doors of the Paris fashion shows. She even appeared on the Instagram account of ... The New York Times," it continued.

The young businesswomen divides her time between the Web page, where she gives fashion, travel and beauty advice, and her work on other activities, like the recently-released jewelry line she created for Luiza Setubal's LOOL. EFE