Colombian musician Carlos Vives, currently on a world tour, has joined America's popular "Got milk?" campaign promoting the benefits of drinking milk.

Vives, 51, appears in an advertisment seated with a guitar in one hand, a glass of milk in the other, and, naturally, sporting the famous "milk moustache." He says "music for the soul, protein for the body."

The "Got milk?" ad featuring Carlos Vives will launch in national Hispanic magazines in August, following the countless other celebrities who have taken part in the campaign testifying to their love of milk.

The winner of one Grammy and four Latin Grammy awards among other prizes, the Colombian musician "always makes sure that he and his kids (his four children) eat a good breakfast that includes milk, naturally rich in nutrients," according to a communique released by his publicists.

Vives, who has sold more than 17 million discs, and who is known for his easygoing ways and the deep roots of his musical style, is always concerned about the nutrition of his family, the note says.

"I love having a glass of freezing cold milk with breakfast. It gives me the proteins and other nutrients that I need and the energy to help me face the morning and prepare me for my shows," the Colombian singer says. 

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