Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Sie7e, the winner of a Latin Grammy in 2011 for best new artist, is promoting his latest single, "So what," in which he presents a positive and optimistic message about dealing with the problems of daily life.

David Rodriguez Labault said Monday in an interview with Efe that the intention of his new song, which will be included on his next album, is to say "'so what?' to the problems and the things that bother us" in daily life.

"If this comes out bad for me, put on a good face. If you have a problem, you decide if you want to transform it into a crisis or resolve it," the 36-year-old artist said.

Sie7e said "So what" was produced by Philip and Shane Lawrence, known for their work with Bruno Mars; Jeanvyes Ducornet, who has produced songs for Carlos Santana; and Puerto Ricans Dave Marrero and Rodolfo Barrera.

The performer dubbed the team involved in the single "the feel-good society" for combining the retro style with modern touches to achieve perfect harmony and create "So what."

"So what" includes elements of reggae and funk and features "barriles" and "timbao," percussion instruments used in Puerto Rican and Brazilian musical genres, respectively. EFE