Spanish singer-songwriter Alejandro Sanz will give a concert here Saturday night before taking a brief pause in his current tour to get a first-hand look at the melting ice caps in the Arctic region.

As in other dates on his "La musica no se toca" tour, Sanz will be joined on stage in his home city's Ramon de Carranza soccer stadium by several guest musicians - Niña Pastori, David De Maria, Manuel Carrasco and David Palomar, who will provide backing vocals on some songs.

Guitarist Jose Carlos Gomez, meanwhile, will accompany Sanz on stage in a performance of his best-known track, "Corazon partio."

After the gig, Sanz will travel with Greenpeace to the Arctic to confirm the effects of melting ice sheets and glaciers.

The Spaniard then will give three more concerts in his homeland through Aug. 11 before continuing his tour in Mexico in September.