Pedro Almodovar and three stars of "I'm So Excited!" - Blanca Suarez, Miguel Angel Silvestre and Javier Camara - brought Spanish glamor to the opening night of the Los Angeles Film Festival with their latest movie.

The filmmaker from Spain's La Mancha region, who noted that he has always been treated with great affection in Los Angeles, told Efe Thursday night on the event's red carpet that the best way to connect with an American audience is to get people laughing from the start of the film.

"If I'm able to amuse people right away, that would be the best way to grab them," the director in his pistachio-green suit said before entering the downtown Regal Cinema L.A. LIVE Stadium 14. "I think that in Los Angeles,and in America in general, people really like it that my movies are packed with situations and there's a lot going on," he said.

"They always find that entertaining. The most flattering thing I ever heard is that with the screenplay of each movie I've made you could make three different movies. It's a public that likes to be entertained," he said.

In a hurry to enter the theater on time - where some 300 people were waiting to see the movie - and give a brief introduction to his latest work, Almodovar laughed as he gave a quick summing up: "'I'm So Excited!' - It's very much me," he said before disappearing into a crowd of photographers. EFE