Making a film about iconic Mexican comedian and actor Cantinflas is "a very great responsibility," director Sebastian del Amo says.

Mario Moreno (1911-1993), a.k.a. Cantinflas, has been described as Mexico's Charlie Chaplin.

"It's a great commitment to be at the level not only of the persona, but of the project itself, it's a great sense of responsibility. I believe we're going to make a fitting tribute to Mario Moreno and to Cantinflas," Del Amo told Efe in a telephone interview.

Shooting for the first feature film about Cantinflas is set to begin in two weeks.

"Cantinflas is not a figure who is immensely popular at the moment, but because of his impact on past generations, certainly it will be interesting to the young people," the filmmaker said.

Del Amo, whose "El fantastico mundo de Juan Orol" won three prizes at the 2013 Ariel awards, Mexico's equivalent to the Oscars, chose Spanish actor Oscar Jaenada to portray Cantinflas.

Not only does he bear a "notable" resemblance to Moreno, the Spaniard fought hard for the role, the director said.

The screenplay begins with Cantinflas' work alongside David Niven in the 1956 film "Around the World in 80 Days," and then recounts Moreno's origins in show business. EFE