Festival PhotoEspaña, which is taking place in Madrid, is showcasing the work of Britain's Darren Almond, whose work documents the obsession of contemporary culture with time.

Almond, an avid observer of trains, focuses on the themes of time, travel and exploration.

His exhibition at PhotoEspaña, "Atmos," runs until Aug. 4, exploring the variety of themes that interest the artist.

The exhibition starts with the work "Atmos Clock," a timepiece that functions with changes in atmospheric pressure and projects its image on a screen via a hidden camera, curators Santiago Olmo and Lorena Martinez told Efe.

Almond uses this piece to highlight the effect that real time has on our perceptions, the curators said.

The artist, who was born in Wigan, England, in 1971, created a gigantic 135-panel mural for the exhibition that features the analog clocks often seen in train stations and airports. EFE