Depeche Mode goes on the market this Tuesday with its 13th studio album "Delta Machine," a minimalist, balanced disc, keyboard player and founding member of this legendary British electronic music band, Andrew Fletcher, said.

"The important thing with the new album is that it's actually quite minimal," the musician told reporters.

"I think the interesting thing is the mixing between blues and electronics and I think it really goes well. Obviously some songs such as 'Slow' are more heavily blues influenced but even the tracks that are mainly electronics you can still hear the blues influence," Fletcher said.

With a view to the group's next tour, which kicks off May 4 in the French city of Nice, Fletcher noted the importance, especially for an electronic band, of performing live.

The tour, which begins in Europe and will have just one stopover in Spain, on July 11 at Bilbao BBK Live, will then fly to the United States, and could be in South America by the spring of 2014, Fletcher said. EFE