Mexican singer Thalía, who next week will begin her first concert tour in a decade, is busy learning to dance bachata under the guidance of rising star Prince Royce.

"I still can't get the dance!" said Thalía about the rhythm from the Dominican Republic, which she included on her new album with "Te perdiste mi amor," written for her by Royce.

Thalía and Royce spoke with reporters about the album and the video they taped together and which combines sequences from a concert she recorded last September in New York, as well as images of both during rehearsals.

Amid laughter, Thalía told the "prince of the bachata" that he would have to give her additional dance lessons so that she could be ready for her "Viva Tour," which will take her to Chicago, Los Angeles and Houston.

Royce, 23, said that "it was a honor" to write a song "for an artist of Thalía's stature, with a career and success not only in music but also in television."

"I learned a lot. It went super-good on the dance floor and the studio, it was something different for me. I enjoyed it a lot," said the New York musician of Dominican origin, who added that the number, which they sing in English and Spanish, is No. 1 on iTunes and the videoclip exceeded 1 million views on YouTube in just a few days.

Thalía said that she was happy with the success of the duet among the fans of both artists and added that it wasn't difficult for her to perform bachata. 

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