Selena Gomez’s upcoming flick “Spring Breakers” took the South by Southwest Film Festival by storm when it premiered Sunday night.

Joining Gomez at the festival in Austin, Texas were her on-screen colleagues Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson and Rachel Korine.

In “Spring Breakers,” a group of college girls decide to rob a bank to finance their Spring Break trip to Florida. In the middle of the adventure, they meet Alien, a drug dealer who wants to get the girls involved in some suspicious work.

The flick debuts in New York and Los Angeles on Friday and opens in theaters nationwide on March 22.

"The movie came to me like a dream," Harmony Korine, the film's director, told the crowd. "I’d been collecting spring break imagery for a couple of years from fraternity and co-ed pornography [websites]...There were all these hypersexualized, hyperviolent subjects. But then there’s all these interesting, childlike details -- like nail polish and bags, stuff like that. So I just imagined girls on a beach in bikinis robbing fat tourists. I thought that was funny, and from there I started building that image and dreaming this story."

As for SelGo, she said she enjoyed playing the character of Faith in the flick -- someone who is polar opposite to her clean cut role on “Wizardsof Waverly Place,” the Disney show that made her famous.

"It’s not me wanting to quote-unquote break any image," said Gomez. "It’s just me being a 20-year-old actor. I want to do what I love. The show I did was incredible and I’m super blessed that I had that opportunity, but this has been a departure."

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