Legendary Spanish artist Kiko Veneno said here Friday in an interview with Efe that he feels "really at home" with Latin American audiences, a few short days before his live presentation in Montevideo of "El Pimiento Indomable" (The Untamable Pepper), a disc he recorded with Uruguayan artist Martin Buscaglia.

The singer born Jose Maria Lopez Sanfeliu seemed very pleased to be in Uruguay, a country whose music, soccer and people he said he loves..."and President Pepe too!" he added, an allusion to head of state Jose Mujica, known for his informality and frugal lifestyle.

Veneno, who will turn 61 next month, has been an icon of Spanish pop over the last decades and is known for his immortal song "Volando Voy" (I Go Flying).

"El Pimiento Indomable," released last year, is the fruit of working together with Buscaglia, who has collaborated with such artists as fellow Uruguayan Jorge Drexler and the Mexican Julieta Venegas, and with whom Kiko began creating the album two years ago in Madrid.

"It was the day of 15-M, a very hectic day, we went to see a performance in Casa de America and it was there we got the idea of doing a disc together," the Spanish musician said.

That day, May 15, 2011, marked the start of protests by Spain's "indignados" against high unemployment, corruption and austerity policies.

For Buscaglia, also taking part in the meeting with Efe, the process of creating the album was "one of the most beautiful" he ever had, "since Kiko came to Montevideo for a month and the immense majority of what is on the disc was composed during that time together. EFE