Mexican artist Juandres Vera plans to create a merry-go-round of goodies at the Living Arts Festival to display the 3D paintings of artists from different countries and living statues in Bangkok.

The project consists of drawing "a kind of carousel, which will fly through the air in Bangkok, and the public will be able to interact" with it by pretending to ride it, the 32-year-old artist told Efe.

The Mexican artist's merry-go-round, as well as works by artists from the Netherlands, the United States and Italy, are expected to be finished by Saturday.

The festival ends March 10, but the paintings will remain in Thailand until they fade away under the effects of weather and pedestrians.

"I was inspired by the snacks sold at the fairs in my country, Mexico, that children eat, like caramel apples, popcorn, soft drinks, among others," Vera said, referring to his 3D painting in Bangkok's Ratchaprasong district.

Painting in 3D is "a type of tool more linked to the form of representation than to the technique of graphical representation itself," Vera said.

The paintings can be done with any type of material, from pencil on paper to spray paint on a wall, the artist said, adding that he preferred paint on the ground.

Vera said he has worked in different cities in Mexico, the United States, Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Thailand, and he plans to visit Australia this year.

Americans Melanie Stimmell and Julie Kirk Purcell, Italian Tony Cuboliquido and Remko Van Schaik, of the Netherlands, are among the artists participating in the Living Arts Festival. EFE