Johana Hernandez aims to showcase authentic Latino style as one of the 13 contestants in the second season of NBC fashion design competition series "Fashion Star," which premieres March 8.

The 26-year-old daughter of Salvadoran immigrants and her rivals were selected from among 16,000 aspiring designers who applied to take part in the competition.

"This is my opportunity to represent Latinos in a field where the inspiration always comes from Europe," Hernandez told Efe. "The designers don't look to the modern Latin woman for inspiration, that's what I come to propose."

That modern Latina, according to Hernandez, is a woman who "doesn't show too much, but at the same time is glamorous and revealing in an elegant way."

Despite her youth, Johana is hardly an unknown in the fashion world.

She is already the principal designer for Seven7 jeans and Mexican singer Gloria Trevi will be wearing some of Hernandez's creations on stage during her upcoming world tour.

But Johana's deepest professional aspirations are riding on her own fashion line, Glaudi.

"My designs are born of my roots and my family history," she says. "They have a lot of detail and a lot of meaning. "It's a style with roots." EFE