Mexican singer Maria Jose described resuming her career and having her "El amor manda" become the theme song of the Televisa soap opera "Porque el amor manda" as being like "winning the lottery."

"It's a great opportunity because you're on television every day and I not only appear at the opening of the soap opera. It's like winning the lottery," Maria Jose Loyola Anaya told Efe.

The 37-year-old artist said that she had always dreamed that one of her songs would become the theme song for a soap, and that was the reason that she launched her solo career after the group Kabah broke up in 2005.

Kabah during the 1990s was one of the best-known pop-rock groups in Latin America.

After the break-up, Maria Jose released solo albums "Maria Jose" (2007), "Amante de lo ajeno" (2009), "Amante de lo bueno" (2010) and "De Noche" (2012).

"El amor manda," written by Jose Luis Ortega, made it to the No. 1 slot on the list of most-listened-to songs on radio, according to Monitor Latino.

Maria Jose also announced that soon she will travel to Spain to continue her promotional tour during which she will return to Puerto Rico on March 18 after a 10-year absence. EFE