Spanish singer-songwriter Miguel Bose promoted peace and solidarity at a concert in the Ecuadorian capital, during which he treated the crowd of 11,000 to a broad sampling of his musical output.

Percussion, keyboard, guitars and chorus - eight band members in all - backed Bose at his concert in Quito, one of the stops on his "Papitwo" tour, named after his latest album.

With a production that left no room for improvisation, Bose performed close to 30 songs to excite and awaken love, passion and conscience.

Turned into a song, the letter that a 17-year-old soldier wrote to his parents before leaving the trenches made his point that war is "the worst toy ever invented by man," and in rejecting violence he said "I'm a man of peace and I say 'To hell with war,'" Bose said.

In "Papitwo," a show with perfectly coordinated lights, sound and set design, Bose strolled the stage with sensual movements, theatrical stops but less dancing than in concerts of other years, which did not, however, hold back the waves of sighs from his fans, who never stopped singing along at the top of their lungs.

"Sevilla" was the number that sweetly broke through the seriousness which at a certain moment began to prevail, and with "Bambu" thousands got up to dance in the arena the holds an audience of 14,000, including the backstage part that is not used in concerts.

From Ecuador the tour continues on to Chile, Mexico and Spain. EFE