Mexican singer Cristian Castro returns to the studios to record a disc that will go on sale next April, while its first single, "Enamorados" (Lovers), is due out next week, Sony Music said Friday.

The Mexican's next effort will be entitled "Cristian Castro - Primera Fila" (Front Row), and will be one of a series of Sony Music's Primera Fila discs featuring such singers as Franco de Vita, Thalia, Vicente Fernandez and Miguel Mateos.

For his new album, Castro will revisit his greatest hits, edited in two CD/DVD discs, his record label said in a press release.

It will also include unpublished songs like the promotion single to be launched next week and duets with his mother, actress and singer Veronica Castro, as well as with HaAsh, Reik and Leonel Garcia.

Castro's most recent works were tributes to the Mexican singer Jose Jose, known as the "Principe de la Cancion" (Prince of Song), with the discs "Viva el Principe" (Long Live the Prince) in 2010, and "Mi Amigo el Principe" (My Friend the Prince) in 2011.

Castro has lifetime sales of more than 10 million discs. EFE