Mexican rockers Cafe Tacvba will be on hand for the 4th Green Festival of Musical Culture on Feb. 23 in Ciudad del Saber on the banks of the Panama Canal.

Known for supporting conservationist activities, Cafe Tacvba will share the stage with fellow Mexicans of the Telefunka group plus colleagues from Chile, Colombia and Panama, festival organizers said.

The Green Festival has established itself as an occasion for promoting environmental sustainability based on criteria for its efficient organization, development and production.

Besides Cafe Tacvba and Telefunka, this fourth edition of the festival will feature Chile's Astro, Colombia's Monsieur Perine and Alfonso Espriella, and the Panamanians Cienfue, Carlos Mendez, Pureza Natural, Orquesta Garash, Os Almirantes, Calibre 57 and Dj Rhythm X, organizers said. EFE