The profession of journalism "is more alive than ever or, at least, as alive as it ever was," the president of EFE, Spain's international news agency, Jose Antonio Vera, said during the inauguration in Madrid of a series of discussions on the subject.

Also participating in the event were the president of the Federation of Journalists' Associations of Spain, or FAPE, Elsa Gonzalez, and Jaime Brull, the head of IPECC-Comunicacion, Cultura y Audiovisuales.

Agencia EFE, FAPE and IPECC are organizing the discussion series.

"Sincerely, I believe that journalism is not going to disappear. It will have to adjust itself to the new media environment, as occurred in bygone days with the arrival of radio and television," Vera said.

Good journalism is necessary, he said, if news media are to exercise "the ability to counteract the power of governments, of economic powers or of the pressure groups that try on many occasions to (determine the conduct of) the press."

The profession of journalism is "indispensible" for exposing corruption and injustices and for confronting politicians with questions to allow the "free and truthful transfer of information to society" to be realized, FAPE's Gonzalez said. EFE