The head of the Cervantes Institute, Victor Garcia de la Concha, defended here on Tuesday the need to cooperate with institutions inside and outside Spain to spread the Spanish language throughout the world.

"Languages do not compete, languages do not fight. We're open to dialogue with the whole world," said Garcia de la Concha at a meeting organized by the New Communication Forum.

Garcia de la Concha discussed the upcoming inauguration of a new headquarters for the Institute at "a big university in the United States," where a permanent Observatory for the Spanish language and Hispanic cultures will be established that "will serve as a reference point for all the universities of that country."

That ongoing project already has acquired sponsorship, although the Cervantes chief was very cautious in his remarks and said he did not yet want to reveal who will finance the initiative and which university will be involved.

"In the United States, we're taking the plunge to consolidate Spanish as the second language of international communication," he added.

"Just with the Ibero-American countries, Spanish can be made into a global tool," Garcia de la Concha said.

"We have to act with all the Ibero-American countries in the United States. It would be an historic mistake not to join together at this time to expand the language in that country," he said.

In addition, the Cervantes Institute is collaborating with the language institutes of other countries - including the British Council, the Goethe Institut and the Alliance Francaise - in those parts of the world where it does not have much of a presence. EFE