The first exhibition in a Spanish museum of the work of Chinese artist and dissident Ai Weiwei, under house arrest in his homeland and stripped of his passport for his criticism of the government, shows his obsession for truth and falsehood.

Titled "Resistance and Tradition," the exhibit consists of 15 works - mostly ceramic-based installation art - that will be on display until June 30 at the Andalusian Contemporary Art Center, located within the grounds of Seville's La Cartuja Monastery.

The exhibit's title, according to organizers, clearly alludes to Ai's political outlook and his interest in Chinese cultural traditions, which is particularly reflected in ceramic work that denounces the country's current reality and contrasts Chinese artisan work with mass industrial production.

Speaking via videoconference during the media launch event, Ai thanked organizers for bringing his work to a Spanish museum for the first time and lamented that he will not be able to "share this experience with you," adding that he is sure that visitors will enjoy the exhibit. EFE