Mexican actress Ana Claudia Talancon said she was a huge fan of children and soccer, the two subjects of her film, "El sueño de Ivan."

"I've always loved kids. I've felt that way since I was a little girl, with my dolls," the actress said.

"I have always really enjoyed being with kids," the 32-year-old actress said.

Talancon, who press reports say is separated from husband and fellow actor Jose Maria de Tavira, told reporters that appearing in "El sueño de Ivan" was a positive experience because it allowed her to perform with children.

"The protagonists are the children, who make it fresh. I loved working with them. I always knew I would have good chemistry working with children. I'm a kid person," the actress said.

"El sueño de Ivan," a joint Mexican, Spanish and Colombian production, premiered in Spain in 2011, but it will not open in Mexican cinemas until Feb. 14.

Talancon's previous films include "Arrancame la vida" (2008) and "El crimen del padre Amaro" (2002). EFE