Designers are reinventing sportswear with new synthetic fibers that combine design and technology, and are on display at the Colombiatex 2013 fair in Medellín, Colombia.

The "Sportive" concept, an independent category that blends sportswear and tailored clothing, incorporates synthetic textiles that improve the exercise experience.

The category is an example of growing interest in sports attire that can be worn informally on a daily basis.

The industry is conducting "extensive research" to find new weaves that "repel water, are antiperspirant and anti-bacterial," Export and Fashion Institute, or Inexmoda, fashion director Martha Calad told Efe.

Casual clothing is being developed for the 2013-2014 spring/summer season that will feature "hooded jackets, kangaroo pockets and sweat pants," Calad said.

"Recognized sports brands have hired name designers to develop garments that can be used on any occasion, but that are connected with the world of sports," Calad said. "This definitely shows where fashion is going."  

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