The Agencia EFE Training School launched on Thursday a Web site packed with information about its courses, internships and graduate programs.

The site - - aims to reach out to journalism students and graduates interested in training with EFE, Spain's international news agency and one of the world's largest Spanish-language media outfits.

The school was created to continue and expand the work done by the EFE Foundation over the last 15 years to prepare aspiring journalists in all facets of the profession.

EFE Escuela, which has forged cooperation pacts with most of Spain's universities and with institutions and media outlets throughout the Spanish-speaking world, administers all of the news agency's internships and training programs.

The school's offerings include a joint Master's Degree in Agency Journalism program with King Juan Carlos University, as well as paid internships with EFE and courses specifically tailored for people hoping to work in Latin American and Arab media.

EFE Escuela is also readying an online master's degree program in conjunction with Spain's National University for Distance Education.