Raul and Mexia, children of Los Tigres del Norte vocalist and bass player Hernan Hernandez, are preparing the launch of their first album, "Arriba y Lejos" (Up and Away), a disc designed for the new generation of Latinos featuring a fusion of different rhythms.

"This is a very mixed disc, with a little of everything - there are cumbias, a bit of accordion for those who like norteño, some band music, hip-hop and even romantic tunes," Mexia, a 32-year-old sound engineer, told Efe, referring to the style of her first album, which goes on sale Feb. 19.

She and her brother Raul, 25, started making a name for themselves in 2010 with "Todos Somos Arizona" (We're All Arizona), a number written and performed in response to the enactment of SB 1070, a law that still harshly attacks undocumented immigrants in that southwestern state.

"We recorded it out of frustration for what was happening in Arizona, because we feel it is our responsibility to help the community," Raul said.

"Arriba y Lejos," under the Nacional Records label, features a dozen tunes, notably the first single entitled "Las Escondidas" (Hidden Girls), as well as "Solo Para Ti" (Just for You), "Recuerdos" (Memories), "Ay Amor" (Oh Love), "Ella Tiene Pegue" (She Sticks to It), "Sueltalo" (Let Him Go), "Mis Dias sin Ti" (My Days without You) and more. EFE