U.S. artist Roni Horn on Monday was named the winner of the 4th Joan Miro International Prize 2013, one of the most prestigious such awards in the world and which comes with a relatively large cash stipend of 70,000 euros ($93,000).


Horn, a native New Yorker, will receive the award in a ceremony to be held Jan. 30 here in Barcelona, according to the Miro Foundation.


The panel of judges decided unanimously to present the distinction to Horn, ?one of the most singular and multifaceted artists in contemporary creativity.?


Horn was selected to receive the award for her interest in ?exploring new dimensions and horizons,? an interest that, in the words of the panel, ?she shared with Joan Miro.?


In addition to receiving the cash stipend and the award, Horn will be featured at an exposition to be held in the summer of 2014 at the Miro Foundation in Barcelona and, later, at the CaixaForum Madrid.


Horn?s work includes all mediums and focuses on location and position, as well as on drawing as a process and a guide. EFE