An exhibit here of the work of Spain's greatest photographers, from black-and-white images of the impoverished post-civil-war period to intense color photos capturing the "movida madrileña" counter-cultural movement, documents the recent societal transformations in the Iberian nation.

All of the artists whose work is included in the exhibit, titled "Connections and Confrontations" and on display beginning Friday in Miami, have been awarded the Spanish National Photography Prize.

The 54 works exhibited at Miami's Centro Cultural Español (Spanish Cultural Center) provide an overview of the rich transformation that Spanish society has undergone in recent decades, journalist Javier Diez Ballesteros, one of the exhibit's organizers, told Efe.

The collective exhibition - previously displayed in other cities of the world - includes the work of Gabriel Cuallado, a major figure in the revival of Spanish photography in the second half of the 20th century, and of Joam Colom, "one of the essential photographers in Spain's history," Diez said.

Also included are photographs by Madrid-born cultural catalyst Pablo Pérez-Minguez, who died in November, and emblematic figures in the "movida madrileña" such as Alberto Garcia-Alix, who is represented by "Los malheridos" and "La Gata."

The former is a black-and-white shot of a road with a woman's hand holding a dead bird in the foreground, while the latter - also in black and white - shows a woman with her back arched in a cat-like posture and looking over her shoulder with a piercing glance.

"Everyone is fascinated by 'La Gata.' The Slovenian culture minister, who was at the inauguration when we brought (the exhibit) there, was insistently asking me; he wanted to know if it was a photomontage, but no: that unbalanced balance, so feline and intense, is real," Diez said.

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