Brazilian actor Rodrigo Santoro, part of the cast of the new Arnold Schwarzenegger film "The Last Stand," said that in the action scenes it was the world-famous "Terminator" character who protected him.

"In my favorite scene, Arnold told me with that look we all know: 'Go, go, I'll cover you,' and I answered 'Okay, amigo, I'm going, because the Terminator is covering me,' and you know, in a certain way it makes you feel invincible," Santoro told the news Web site G1.

The movie, whose cast also includes Eduardo Noriega, Luis Guzman and Genesis Rodriguez, daughter of Venezuelan singer Jose Luis "El Puma" Rodriguez, premieres Friday in Brazil and several other countries.

"The Last Stand" is the first film starring Schwarzenegger following his two terms as governor of California.

"Arnold is an institution," Santoro said, adding that "at first it's a little intimidating" working with Scwarzenegger, but later the confidence that the American actor inspires helps make everything easier.

Santoro, who has appeared in several Hollywood productions, revealed that when he was called to do the film, the 12-year-old boy inside him shouted, "What? I'm doing a movie with Arnold? Seriously? That means I'm going to work with Conan and the Terminator!" EFE