Colombian songstress Shakira said that her father is her "weakness," during a presentation in Barcelona of the book "Al Viento y al Azar" (To the Winds and to Chance) by her dad, writer and journalist William Mebarak Chadid.

Shakira attracted the flashes of all the photographers when she entered with her boyfriend, FC Barcelona player Gerard Pique.

"In Barranquilla my dad isn't Shakira's father but rather I'm the daughter of William, and he's the best father life could possibly have given me. My cornerstone, my best friend, not only in my career but in my life," the singer said.

About her approaching motherhood, the singer said that's the only discussion she has with her father, because he is very concerned about the kind world into which the child will be born.

"But since I can't predict if my little one will come with more advantages or more burdens into this world, and I'm on the threshold of motherhood, I hope the child takes an example from its grandpa, because my dad is a person who always helps settle those little conflicts and that's one reason I'm so proud of him," Shakira said.

The singer was also accompanied by her mother Nidia Ripoll and her brother Tonino, as well as by Pique's parents and the president of the superstar's Pies Descalzos foundation. EFE