After performing with great success throughout Spain with his latest project, "Papitwo," Miguel Bose begins the year with an extensive international tour that will take him through most of Latin America, RLM promoters said.

The Spain-based artist thus resumes the international concerts he offered at the end of last year in some of the main Mexican cities, as well as making a quick trip to Buenos Aires.

He will start things off on Feb. 9 in Costa Rica, then travel on to Mexico and Venezuela, where he recently was with Juanes to look into the possibility of holding in Caracas the third Peace Without Borders concert, and he will also perform in Ecuador and Chile.

Born in Panama, and a professed admirer or Latin America, Bose has deep ties to the region, where he says his "most faithful public" lives.

"I'm so Latin American. I've spend half my life there and I know those cultures so well and I owe those countries so much and I miss them so much when I'm in Spain," Bose told Efe on another occasion. EFE