The Puerto Rican Christian music group Son By Four, known internationally for the number "A Puro Dolor" (Purest of Pain), is promoting their new single, "Si Los Ves Llorar" (If You See Them Cry).

The message of the song, adapted to Spanish from the tune "When the Children Cry," is that adults should offer faith and hope to youngsters to protect them from the evils of the world, vocalist Jorge Montes told Efe.

"The lyrics are a positive criticism about what kind of world we are going to leave our children, and about how parents, the grown-ups, should behave in front of them to set the world aright," he said.

He noted that the group's next album, still untitled, will have the kind of songs "society needs to hear, that will give them hope in difficult situations so they can rise up, songs that inspire and motivate them."

Son by Four struck it rich in 2000 with the number "A Puro Dolor," which topped Billboard's Hot Latin Tracks chart for five months and became a global hit.

Nonetheless, after the group enjoyed "the fame, the money, the red carpets and trips in private planes," Son By Four broke up in 2003, re-forming four years later as a band devoted to Christian music. EFE