Actress Adamari Lopez will end 2012 appearing on the cover of People en Español magazine and with the publication of her book "Viviendo" (Living), in which she recounts her battle against cancer and the cheating ways of her then-husband Luis Fonsi.

The Puerto Rican, host of the program "Un Nuevo Dia" (A New Day) on the Telemundo network, told People en Español magazine that when she came down with breast cancer in March 2005, she started writing about her chemotherapy but never thought about writing a book.

"When I got sick I started writing a diary about how I was feeling, how the chemo was working, and everyone asked me, 'When are you going to write a book?'" she recalled in the interview to be published in the issue coming out on Jan. 1.

"I wrote this book thinking about myself and about other women I could help, women who might be going through the same troubles I did, either with the same illness or because of breaking up with someone they love or used to love," she said.

Lopez and Fonsi wed on June 3, 2006, announced their separation on Nov. 8, 2009, and got divorced in June 2010. Fonsi is currently in a stable relationship with Spanish model Agueda Lopez, with whom he had a baby girl, while the actress is going with Spanish dancer Tony Costa. EFE