A nun hearing confessions online? That's the storyline of the irreverent comedy "Madre Mia!" written for the Web by Francisco Lupini.

The cast of "Madre Mia!" is made up of Latino actors based in New York, where this uninhibited series in Spanish with English subtitles is being filmed, and which, though it involves beliefs and devotions of the Catholic Church, by no means seeks to "annoy or ridicule believers," Lupini told Efe.

The Venezuelan director said that it is rather about an "exchange of ideas" and that the church "would do well to keep up a little with the times."

"It could be that this series opens a dialogue about the changes we believe necessary. We can only hope that this doesn't reduce our work to 'one more attack on the church' because it goes far beyond that," he said.

Starring veteran Spanish actress Soledad Lopez, the series revolves around Conchita, a nun who, desperate about the Vatican's decision to close a number of convents due to the economic crisis, tries to raise money to save hers.

But when she fails, she drinks all the wine in the sacristy to find a little peace, and that same night God appears to her to give her "a holy task upon which the destiny of the earth depends:" to open her heart to the hearing of confessions.

But this strange Almighty in tropical garb - white pants and a patterned shirt - wants more, and asks her to hear confessions on the Internet as well. EFE