Colombian pop singer-songwriter Marre sought inspiration in bygone romances to create the songs of love and loss she composed in New York and will launch in January 2013 in the album "Sombras de Luz" (Shadows of Light).

"They're love stories, stories of friendship, stories about life. In the disc you'll find all the things that can happen to a woman and how a woman feels about them - how, for example, she notices time passing and feels the change when she stops being a little girl and starts seeing and feeling life as a woman," the singer told Efe.

Marre said she is preparing the launch of her second disc from the United States, a "very beautiful" work in which the lyrics of the 14 songs are all autobiographical.

"The songs on this disc tell how we women enter a stage when we must start taking our own decisions about the man we love, even when mom and dad might not like him or don't want him around," she said.

The album was produced by Grammy nominee Stephan Galfas, who has worked with such artists as La Union, Miguel Mateos and Kool and the Gang, among others.

"I've written more than 250 songs and since I was little I've always felt something like an affection for music, so I'm grateful to my parents for backing me ever since they saw how crazy about music I was - and my discs are the result," Marre said. EFE